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I have heard Guild Wars, rightly or wrongly, described as a step above other MMOs when it comes to egalitarian character designs. Personally, I would say it is about on-par with WoW, and definitely a bit more inclusive than a game like Tera Online. One thing I have always lauded Guild Wars for was their generally beautiful concept art (even when their marketing images left much to be desired).

That said, it has its problems. In addition to the racefail that it often engages in, Guild Wars does also occasionally imply that they’ve little love for ladies with muscle tone (or pants). For a particularly startling disparity, compare the marketing images for their new “Winds of Change” Canthan quest line with the actual NPC character models posted above.

The interpretation of Reiko is particularly interesting, with the clothing so different as to be unrecognizable. Miku, too, is peculiar. The outfit the character model is depicted in is merely Canthan assassin armor with a fishnet bodystocking underneath, but the marketing artwork is far more extreme.

Though Guild Wars isn’t winning any awards for equality anytime soon, this artwork represents an unusual departure from their standard fare.

UPDATE:  It seems that while the two ladies, identified only by first names, are actually characters, Mister Is-Wearing-Pants (Xun Rao, Ecclesiate of the Ministry of Purity) isn’t, appearing solely in the form of a mini-pet. Incidentally, he also works for Reiko. While only he has a listed rank, Reiko there outranks him significantly and is both his boss and (spoilers!) the end boss.

Her rank? Minister Reiko Murakami.

That’s right, she’s the Head of the Ministry of Purity.

DOUBLE UPDATE:  She actually also founded the Ministry of Purity. She founded it! She has a rank! Fuck you, Guild Wars.

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