Squicky Game Art

Because you KNOW better. Especially you, Wayne Reynolds.

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There is nothing about this that’s okay.

There’s a lot of squicky elements jammed into this one tiny image. For one thing, you have a lady, shiny with sweat, bound with rope, with her cleavage exposed. Being that this piece is called “Kidnapper’s Lair”, it’s not a leap to assume she’s a kidnap victim, so inherently being held against her will. What I did not notice at first glance was the boobplate on the table; her attackers have clearly stripped her. Classy.

Add into the equation that even the lady-kidnapper has been sexualized via a huge boob-window (something I somehow doubt her male counterparts are treated to), and the end result is some pretty epic-level squick.

[“Kidnapper’s Lair”, Epic Level Handbook]

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